Dr. Michael Jafarzadeh

Licensed Psychologist

TX License #37515

Michael Jafarzadeh, Psy.D.

Dr. Jafarzadeh (Dr. J.) has settled in Dallas, Texas which is a long way from his roots. He was born and raised in a small suburban town in northern New Jersey, by his two loving parents, along with his younger brother. While his hometown has become increasingly modernized, sleigh-riding, recreational sports, summer camp, and “being home before dark,” remain fond memories of simpler times.

Having studied economics at the Pennsylvania State University, followed by working eight years in finance, Dr. J. took an indirect path into the field of psychology. He returned to academia, earning his Master of Arts in psychology from Pace University, followed by earning his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Adler University. Dr. J. began his career with the Counseling and Diagnostic Center, which has since been replaced by the Legacy Assessment Group.

As a diagnostician, Dr. J. prides himself on his ability to connect and understand each person’s unique lifestyle, including the narrative of each individual’s psychosocial development. Dr. J. specializes in formulating pinpoint diagnostic conclusions as it pertains to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar-related disorders, challenges with intellect, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, trauma-related disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance use disorders, etc. With accurate diagnoses, it is his goal to connect each client with the most effective treatment modalities, covered by each client’s insurance.

While on hold at the moment, in addition to managing the Legacy Assessment Group, Dr. J’s future career goals include a desire to teach. For fun, Dr. J. enjoys exercise, sampling restaurants, spending time with Molly (French bulldog), and binge watching football.