Dr. Tessie Haney

Postdoctoral Resident

Tessie Shay Haney, Ph.D.

Before starting the Legacy Assessment Group, Dr. Tessie Haney began her career with the Counseling and Diagnostic Center (CDC) in August 2014 as she entered the practice as a pre-doctoral intern.  She graduated with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology through University of the Cumberlands in Florence, KY in May 2015.  Dr. Haney currently maintains a role of post-doctoral resident with Legacy Assessment Group, and will soon assume leadership in the practice. While she harnesses a strong dedication to each client, her greatest passion is driven by the deliverance of creative interventions for children who have experienced trauma.  Believing that trauma is relative to the experiencing individual, Dr. Haney notes her style of comprehensive psychological assessment as unique and personable.  She believes that we all experience trauma differently, and our service should reflect that experience.  Her ultimate goal is for clients to leave her presence feeling uplifted and understood.

As she was born and raised in the Kentucky Mountains of Appalachia, not only does she reflect a passion for her career, but she also reflects pride in her heritage and radiates sincerity in her love for her family, friends, and hometown.  However, as she has fallen in love with the heart of Texas, she has decided to remain in the area continuing her work in psychological assessment and diagnosis.   Dr. Haney enjoys road trips, chocolate, sunshine, and shopping.  Beginning their relationship as middle school best friends, Dr. Haney is married to her husband of five years.  As they have chosen to align their career paths before beginning a family together, Dr. Haney and her husband have one 15-year old cat named Baby.  With dreams of motherhood to bring her life full circle, and also if Dr. Haney stands by her word to her mother, she will have “a whole church pew of babies one day!” Lastly, noting her husband’s work as a special education teacher she describes she and her husband as a truly unified team with matched goals, passions, and aspirations.  With this team mindset, Dr. Haney and her husband will work together to continue building the services provided by the Legacy Assessment Group.

While simply devoted to meeting the psychological needs of her fellow human, Dr. Haney finds her expertise to be nestled in her service to children and adolescents; therefore, Dr. Haney specializes in psychological assessment for that population.  She recognizes her style to tailor the needs of her clients as well as the needs of their families.  She narrows diagnoses, formulates recommendations, and equips caregivers.